By autumn 2014, will we present a new price list and therefore will we only sell summer card from May 15.
Membership fee of 50 SEK.

Summer card

Buy a combi card at bargain price!
Summer card is valid for gym and group training 27/5-1/9 2014.

Price: 700 / 800 / 1000 SEK
The card can be purchased in Frescatihallen’s reception from May 15.
All Day cards is valid for all times during the week 25-32.
Reduced number of classes week 23-36, according to SSIF’s summer schedule.


Various price ranges

  • U-student (Universitystudentprice)
    Students studying at the University of Stockholm. The student must be able to show a valid studentmembership card  from any Student Union at the University of Stockholm (SUS, Söder S, MF, Östra föreningen or GI/IHR).
    Members of KTH Student Union, get the U-student price for all dance, volleyball, racket and basketball courses, as well as indoor and outdoor football tournaments. A valid membership card must be presented.
  • Other-student
    Other higher education and high school students in Stockholm with a valid studentmembership card from any Student Union in Stockholm.
  • Others
    Non-students and other students. Also for those studying at a folk high-school or municipality adult education.

SSIF-rules and information regarding the purchase of passes